Heroine of the Prairies By

A classic western, the final novel in Sheba Hargreaves’ epic trilogy, back in print for the first time in over 90 years. “Heroine of the Prairies ranks with such masterpieces of the past as The Last of the Mohicans and The Luck of Roaring Camp.” Lexington Herald-Leader

Salita Prentiss, a teenager orphaned in an Indian massacre, makes her way with a pregnant widow and her children across the plains to Oregon. She’s forced to take charge when the widow loses her mind, and her memory, during a difficult, horrific childbirth. ┬áTogether these courageous survivors journey through the harsh wilderness, enduring extreme hardship and calamity, but determined to achieve their dream of a new life in the Pacific northwest.

“Chock full of the adventures and hardships of that long, toilsome journey across the prairies and mountains into the golden west.” Raleigh News and Observer

“Marked by a simplicity which is almost startling in its clarity, Heroine of the Prairies sounds a new and refreshing note in the field of contemporary literature. Readers who are looking for risque situations and passages tinged with the vermillion-dipped brush of immorality may just as well leave the book on the shelf.” Lexington Herald-Leader

“Exciting reading redolent of days gone by,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“An exciting novel. Throughout the book one finds the pioneer flavor, a delicious relish.” Spokane Chronicle

“A well-balanced, perfectly sustained novel. Salita is entirely likeable and stands out as a monument to those gentle women-folk who became trail-hardened during the trip.” The Daily Notes (Canonsburg, PA)

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