Honey in Louisiana: Two Complete Novels By /

He loved Honey — perhaps she was black, perhaps she was white, perhaps she was both, but no barrier could stop their desire.

Honey is a young, mixed-race woman involved in a tempestuous romance with a white boy. Together they discover that passion is color-blind…and dangerous. It’s a frank story of love and hate, of generosity and selfishness, of tradition-bound Southerners caught up in a conflict of races, emotions and desires…told across two raw, edgy, novels: Honey and the sequel Love in Louisiana, back in print for the first time in over seventy years and combined into one edition.

These novels are a reflection of their era, a vivid snapshot of a turbulent and shameful period in our history, and contain language and situations that contemporary readers may find offensive.

Praise for the work of John B. Thompson

“Thompson is such a great writer… a riveting, hot-blooded account of sexual affairs running rampant in the Deep South. With colorful characters and multi-faceted, interlocking storylines, Thompson creates a whirlwind suspenseful romance novel ripe with violence and racial unrest. Fans of Charles Williams, Harry Whittington, and Erskine Caldwell should find plenty to like.” Paperback Warrior

“A scalding indictment of small town morals…takes up where Peyton Place and Bramble Bush leave off,” Orrie Hitt

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