I'll Find You By

Johnny Maguire is a struggling lawyer who falls into a passionate affair with the widow of one of his clients. She disappears… supposedly taking a suicide dive into the ocean. But Maquire doesn’t buy it and starts searching for her…a quest that pits him against the mob and spirals into a twisted story of sex and murder.

This was the first book in the Johnny Maguire series and the second title published by Fawcett’s famed Gold Medal paperback imprint.

“Richard Himmel was an outstanding writer, and I’ll Find You is a quality book. This is one of the better genre novels—call it romantic suspense—from the dawn of paperback originals. Johnny is a very funny narrator and a self-deprecating lawyer. Himmel wrote something likely to please readers of well-written hardboiled crime who are also comfortable with some romance and human drama in their stories.” —The Paperback Warrior

“Gangsters are involved, and there’s a murder, but this isn’t really a crime novel. In its own twisted way, it’s a love story… with lots of raw emotion, with plenty of melodrama. And a really great final scene and line, very much in keeping with the character of Johnny Maguire. Himmel had something going for him, and it’s not a big surprise that the book was such a hit.  My guess is that he didn’t plan to make Maguire a series character.  He wasn’t cut out to be one.  The book sold so many millions, however, that bringing him back must have proved irresistible.” —Bill Crider