King Cobra By

The blistering story of intolerance and hate that is as relevant today as it was when it was first published in 1940…a novel that the Fort Worth Star Telegram called “probably the most shameless and shaming book that has ever been written in America.” Now it’s finally back in print.

A young newspaper reporter in a small, Southern town chronicles the evolution of the Red Riders, a secret, racist society of self-proclaimed patriots, that begins in the 1930 and, driven by naked greed and pure hate, rises to violent, national prominence…before tumbling in fiery and lurid tragedy.

This book was published under his pseudonym “Frank Dudley,” but it didn’t fool anyone. Most reviewers made references to the author being a “well-known” writer and editor. ┬áIn fact, one critic at the Chattanooga Daily Times wrote, “‘Frank Dudley,’ according to the publishers, covers the identify of a brilliant, bestselling novelist and I can imagine he came up not too many miles from Atlanta. In fact, I wonder if his first initial is not ‘W’ and his second ‘G.'” Or, as the Fort Worth Press-Telegram put it, “He is not Frank Dudley, he is one of the most brilliant and penetrating editors these United States have ever seen. But because of your prejudices, he dare not write under his own name.”

Praise for King Cobra:

“The deftness with which the book is written bears the unmistakeable evidence of an experienced writer. Every American should take warning from these menacing and reveal pages, for this tale, hilarious though it may be, is basically true.” Buffalo News

“A book of authority, powerfully written, ringing with truth and sounding a warning to all mankind. King Cobra is exciting drama, doubly so, since behind its veil of fiction lies the bedrock of truth.” Portland Press-Herald

“It is, to me, perhaps the greatest book that has been written, the greatest sermon that has been preached, in the last 20 years of American life. It shows the sources of our prejudice — and the greed which makes capital of our prejudice. It shows our stupidity — and the crookedness which capitalizes on our stupidity. It is not a nice book. But you have no more right to turn from its foulness and its terror than you have a right to turn from a broken sewer in front of your own house. Get King Cobra. Get it and read it. And learn what’s in yourself.” Fort Worth Star Telegram

“A fast-moving narrative. Excitement and interest are maintained throughout the story [that] ends in a tumult of arson and murder.” Cincinnati Enquirer

“The book is well worth reading. It contains a serious warning.” Birmingham News

“A vivid, animated, dramatic novel. It’s truth is self-evident. King Cobra is well-written and extremely interesting.” Hartford Courant

“‘Frank Dudley’ obviously knows his subject thoroughly and writes with a bitter brilliance. It is a gripping book, a book to read and discuss and remember.” Miami Herald

“His vivid, journalistic manner adds greatly to the excitement…and gives this book an importants it could never achieve otherwise. It is a warning.” Chattanooga Daily Times

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