The scandalous, red-hot classic from 1959, once banned, now available now for the first time in sixty years!

“The book cuts deeply — and hides nothing, absolutely nothing.” Orrie Hitt

A Novel of Warped Passion… Too Wild, Too Wanton, Too Willing!

The women:
Mimi Vanguard — She will dare anything for love, dare any kind of love.
Leyra Thornton — Paralyzed from the waist down, but who knows how to make men happy… and women, too.
Asia — Lovely, dark-skinned, half-everything, whose sultry body knows strange hungers.

The men:
Griff — Mimi’s lover, coveted by Silky, a gay man.
Phil Thornton — Leyra’s husband, who finds Mimi as exciting as Leyra does…

The Story:
Two couples pause in their pursuit of kicks and thrills to concoct a wild scheme. Leyra can’t bear children, so Mimi lends her body to Phil, Leyra’s husband, to conceive a child. The baby will go to Leyra and Phil, who in return will give Mimi and Griff enough money to get married. There’s just one catch: Leyra and Phil both want Mimi for themselves and Griff finds himself falling for another man.

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