Sense and Sensuality By

A lost literary classic, back in print for the first time in 94 years!

The story of Richard and Laura, a young, sophisticated, upper middle class, married couple pushing the boundaries of morality in the 1920s London, enjoying the nightlife while leaving their children to be raised by their servants. Richard is a publisher and intellectual, while Laura enjoys the benefits of their unspoken “open marriage” to romance other men. But soon their infidelties, and the harsh, inescapable realities of their time, come crashing down on them, threatening to destroy their seemingly perfect lives.

Sense and Sensuality is a novel caught somewhere between Queen Victoria and Dr. Kinsey.” The Neglected Books Page

“With Sense and Sensuality, Sarah Salt takes her place as an arresting and important figure among contemporary English authors.  A considerable portion of contemporary London society forms the fabric for her novel, that intelligent, too-aware middle class which has striven since the war to approach human relationships in a rapidly changing world with a sophisticated and civilized tolerance. Her deft synthesis of many manners gives her novel a magnificent sweep and pace and at the same time a broad range of overtones.” New York Times

“A story distinquished from the great body of recent, depressing literature by passion and the gift of a pure, icy style. The author’s confirmed genius for feminine analysis places her among the foremost writers of the times.”  The Boston Globe

“The sharp, incisive style etches the story upon the reader’s memory.” Detroit Free Press

“A psychological study of modern marriage. The dialogue of the book is remarkable, it renders the novel intensely readable, and is like the quick throbbing of a racing motor. Written with rare skill and originality.” Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“An exciting tale of emotions of contemporary Londoners, a story breathlessly alacritous for chapters at a time. Salt approaches tragic denounement so lightly, so deftly, incandesence shines always on episodes which the mid-Victorian author would have wrapped in London fog. Sense and Sensuality is hard to lay down if you fancy the modern school of tortured sophisiticates. We feel it gives Sarah Salt a definite standing as a craftsman in staccato prose.”  Buffalo Times

“An effectual transcription of modern, spiritual bankruptcy.” Pasadena Post

“Salt is hard, swift and brilliant…one rushes through [the book], not dipping and skipping, but devouring. The strain between husband and wife — the emotion, the unreason, the irascibility, the attraction, the despair — is done with astonishing vividness.” The Observer (London)

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