Swamp Noir: Four Full Novels By /

Four vintage, scorching, hard-boiled novels set in the Louisiana Bayou…all in one volume.

“Swamp noir was a popular American sub-genre of the 1950s and 1960s born from the idea that the rural backwoods was teeming with sexy, duplicitous babes seeking to take advantage of city slickers who crossed their paths. Thompson was a better writer than his genre deserved,” Paperback Warrior

SWAMP NYMPH by John B. Thompson
Deep in the hot swamplands of the South, a desperate man on the run meets a woman of raw, natural beauty whose ravenous sexual desires could lead them both to sweet, ecstatic ruin.

SWAMP FIRE by Don Kingery
Hank Samson comes home from the WWII to find his half-crazed father terrorizing their Louisiana bayou town…and his brutish brother running amok with lust and violence. But Hank has seen a better way to live and now has to choose beween running away with the girl he loves…or staying and fighting his own family.

NUDE IN THE SAND by John B. Thompson
Lecia McCauslan sought a tainted love that brands her an outcast. Although Lecia’s husband desires her with ardor, he also lusts for Dora Jones, a wanton swamp girl… while his wife answers the irresistible call of the bayou, where she knows a dark stranger furtively watches her pagan sacrifices to passion…and yearns for her. What strange, forbidden ecstasies held Lecia captive on the lonely, white sands?

HOT BLOOD by John B. Thompson
Some on the bayou say Karen Snowden was a good girl… others say she was born bad. Either way, the men all seemed to want her. Perhaps that’s why everyone wondered…. did she ask for what happened to her, or was she an innocent victim of violent lust?

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