Television Tramp By

A racy, hard-boiled, torrid novel of sex and betrayal in the early days of television.

Beautiful Eve Tremaine will do almost anything, and sleep with anyone of any sex, to become a success in broadcasting. She’s not alone. Her rivals for stardom, and more importantly the attentions of Mike Carlyle, the “boy wonder of broadcasting,” include the “pretty little mantrap” Sally Kaye and the “long-limbed mantrap” Mary Sweet. But if Eve wants to get even further in the business, she needs to win over the all-powerful producer Basil Womack. To do that, she will have to seduce Marietta Ming, “the aging by superbly attractive Oriental actress,” who is rumored to be an expert in the dark secrets of the lesbian love, which Eve knows is “the path to true ecstasy” for any woman…

The book was originally released as Television Tramp in 1952 with the tantalizing tagline “A novel of wickedness and unconventional love.” It was republished in 1960 by a different publisher as She Made Her Bed, with the new tagline “A novel of unconventional love in the off-beat world of radio and TV.” The unconventional love in both versions is, of course, lesbian sex, although those scenes are ridiculously tame and utterly conventional by today’s standards.

“The behind-the-scene details of radio and television production are vivid and convincing. The author knows how to keep the story on track and moving along swiftly.” Reading California Fiction

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