“Slick…there is action, conspiracy, plenty of sex. Himmel knows how to keep everything at a boil. He’s a good storyteller in the Arthur Hailey style. There is so much action that the reader is swept along. It’s like a B-movie of international intrigue. This book will amuse and entertain you.” The New York Times

A cold-blooded Arab sheik and his army of psychopathic terrorists use blackmail, kidnapping and murder to force hundreds of rich American Jews to stop giving money to Israel, part of a complex effort to economically cripple the Jewish nation. One man, Justice Department attorney Peter Frankel, leads the fight against the insidious plot, drawing him into an inescapable web of twisted sex and brutal violence.

“Kinky, muscular and menacing.” Vogue Magazine

“The simplicity of Himmel’s plot is what makes his book fascinating… and it all seems very plausible. The characters are believable (with) large doses of sex sprinkled liberally throughout.” Berkeley Gazette

“Notable for its ingenuity… the conflict is entertaining as the terrorists and American supporters of Israel face each other in a battle of nerves and wills.”South Bend Tribune

“A surprising climax.” Tampa Tribune

“The pace of the action is steady and the wind-up is satisfying.” Publishers Weekly