The Big Bold West #15: Four Classic Westerns By //

FOUR classic rip-roaring, action-packed western novels by three masters of the genre in one ebook edition.


“Mark Twain had a way of describing life that let you taste it and laugh at it simultaneously. It isn’t a gift that shows up very often among writers, but it’s here again in David Wagoner’s tale. He writes with wit and sparkle,” Courier-Post

Seventeen-year-old Andrew Jackson Holcomb suddenly finds himself part owner of a bank and whorehouse in 1890s Wyoming when his father, a crooked judge, skips town to avoid a scandal. But that’s only the beginning his troubles. Soon Andrew and his best friend Fred, the preacher’s son, take a crash course in “cowboying” from colorful cowpoke Greasy Brown and hit the trail for Indian Territory and into a wild, bawdy adventure for the ages.


“Heroine of the Prairies ranks with such masterpieces of the past as The Last of the Mohicans and The Luck of Roaring Camp.” Lexington Herald-Leader

Salita Prentiss, a teenager orphaned in an Indian massacre, makes her way with a pregnant widow and her children across the plains to Oregon. She’s forced to take charge when the widow loses her mind, and her memory, during a difficult, horrific childbirth. Together these courageous survivors journey through the harsh wilderness, enduring extreme hardship and calamity, but determined to achieve their dream of a new life in the Pacific northwest.


Cliff Monroe came to Painted Springs to be the County Health Officer. He had hardly stepped off the stagecoach when a fusillate of shots rang out…and he had his first patient. It was just the latest violence in a fierce feud between cattlemen and sheepmen that was raging in the territory. The Sheriff refused to step in the violent fray, claiming “neutrality,” and Cliff tried to follow his example, but he fell in love with Nancy Starweather, daughter of the sheepmen’s leader, which made that a hard line to walk. The only answer was to use his wits, his guns, and his tenacity to end the feud himself.

The Medico of Painted Springs, along with the first two sequels, were filmed in 1941 and starred Charles Starrett.

WARD OF THE REDSKINS – Sheba Hargreaves

“There’s enough Indian lore and natural history thrown in all along the trail to upholster a half a dozen stories, but Hargreaves store of such information appears almost inexhaustabible. A charming tale of love and adventure.” Spokane Chronicle​​​​​​​

Jim Faxon, a Bostonian trader and botanist, searches the wild, untamed Oregon frontier for Multnomah, a mysterious “white squaw” rumored to have been taken and raised by an isolated Indian tribe years earlier. It’s a long and rigorous quest, through the secret passage over Neah-Kah-Nie peak, and down the rough Tillamook coast, and eastward again through the mountains to the “lake in the crater,” filled with danger, hardship and violence, that leads to a shocking discovery.

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