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The Fraudulent Broad By

The Fraudulent Broad A twisty, pulp noir classic -- doubling down on Double Indemnity -- back in print for the first time in over 60 years.

Cleo McGowan is all of a man’s desires wrapped in a tight fitting dress...she's also greedy, fiendish and sexually insatiable. Her older husband Clifton hires door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman Danny Slick to seduce her and create the grounds for a clean divorce. Meanwhile, Cleo wants Danny to kill Clifton, her brutal and rich spouse, so they can get all of his money and run off together. Just another sinfully sunny day in Southern California...

The Medico on the Trail By

The Medico on the Trail A western classic, back in print for the first time in 85 years!

Dr. Cliff Monroe treats Shan Jungward, a nestor’s ill daughter, inadvertently sparking a bloody range war between the homesteaders and the allied forces of cowmen and sheepherders. The conflict leads to homes being torched, cattle being slaughtered, and the potential massacre of entire families. To stop the destruction and bloodshed, and bring peace back to Painted Springs, Monroe has to strap on his guns and become the law once again...

Any Man's Playmate By

Any Man’s Playmate When beautiful abstract artist Nicolette Starmont took rough-and-tumble law student Mel Corbin to her bed as her model and gigolo, he considered himself very lucky. She loved sex, which inspired her art, but it also filled an aching, insatiable hunger for her that no man alone could satisfy. He soon discovered that the hot, carefree eighteen-year-old was already a widow, and that she'd eagerly satisfy her needs with men or women, depending upon who was handly, willing and had the necessary stamina. But as she rises in the art world and he becomes a criminal defense lawyer, their unusual, years-long, purely sexual arrangement takes a horrific turn, shattering their world and forcing Mel into the fight of his life.

The Medico of Painted Springs By

The Medico of Painted Springs Cliff Monroe came to Painted Springs to be the County Health Officer. He had hardly stepped off the stagecoach when a fusillate of shots rang out...and he had his first patient. It was just the latest violence in a fierce feud between cattlemen and sheepmen that was raging in the territory. The Sheriff refused to step in the violent fray, claiming "neutrality," and Cliff tried to follow his example, but he fell in love with Nancy Starweather, daughter of the sheepmen's leader, which made that a hard line to walk. The only answer was to use his wits, his guns, and his tenacity to end the feud himself. 

The Wanton One By

The Wanton One She Made It Her Business to Get What She Wanted... and She Never Stop Wanting. 

Three gorgeous women pursued Don Kerry, but one of them is using her sensuous wiles against him for much more than satisfying her intense lust.

But which woman is it?