Through a storm of lead and gunsmoke they rode toward a roaring, flaming death…toward Deadwood and destiny.

The outlaw rode the trail alone with a price on his head. Every lawman and bounty hunter in Texas was after his hide. He lived by his wits and by his gun. The outlaw had many names, and just as many notches on his six gun. They called him The Black Rider. He wasn’t running. He was seeking vengeance in Deadwood. But first he’d have to save a helpless woman from a pack of land-grabbing killers…even if that meant teaming up with the relentless lawman who’d vowed to track him down, dead or alive. That was fine with both men. They’d just have to kill each other later.

This was the first book in his Mustang Marshall series, which also included The Valley of Death, Chenango Pass (aka Flaming Guns) and Mustang Marshall (aka Lead Hungry Lobos)