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Trouble at Moon Pass By

Trouble at Moon Pass Moon Pass was a pleasant enough place.. .until they started putting a railroad through. Then all hell broke loose. Finally they had to call in Dan Doran, the best troubleshooter in the west. Doran was a man who knew only one way to to do the job...and his philosophy was that a singing .44 usually had the right answer. But Doran forgot one thing: it makes a difference which end of the barrel you're looking down.

Lead Hungry Lobos By

Lead Hungry Lobos Mustang Marshall finally returns home...but he isn't welcome. And a knife-wielding killer is waiting to gut him from head to toe. This was the fourth book in his Mustang Marshall series

Valley of Death By

Valley of Death Mustang Marshall returns to tame a savage west the only way he knows how... with stone-cold courage and a blazing gun.