The March Hastings Reader By

TWELVE scorching, passionate novels of love, lust and madness in one ebook… all by March Hastings, the ground-breaking lesbian author of stories so frank, edgy, and sexy that they were banned as obscene when they were first published sixty years ago.

While her stories, and the sexuality they contain, have lost their shock value today, the raw power of the writing, the erotic tension, the psychological insight, and the emotional torment that her characters experience hasn’t waned at all, which is why her books are now.appreciated as compelling literary fiction.

This anthology contains some of her most powerful and memorable novels,

The Outcasts
The Third Theme
Savage Surrender
The Demands of the Flesh
Design for Debauchery
Veil of Torment
By Flesh Alone
Whip of Desire
Chico’s Women

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