The Medico on the Trail By

A western classic, back in print for the first time in 85 years!

Dr. Cliff Monroe treats Shan Jungward, a nestor’s ill daughter, inadvertently sparking a bloody range war between the homesteaders and the allied forces of cowmen and sheepherders. The conflict leads to homes being torched, cattle being slaughtered, and the potential massacre of entire families. To stop the destruction and bloodshed, and bring peace back to Painted Springs, Monroe has to strap on his guns and become the law once again…

This book, published in 1938, was the third novel in Rubel’s Medico of the West series. It was filmed in 1941 as the movie Prairie Stranger, starring Charles Starrett. The fourth book in the series, The Doctor of the West, was published in the UK under the pseudonym “Mason Macrae.”