The Oregon Trilogy: Three Full Novels By

All three epic western novelsĀ in Sheba Hargreaves’ acclaimed and beloved Oregon trilogy are back in print for the first time in over 70 years and collected on one volume for the first time ever.


Winner of the Oregon State Historical Society Award for Best Novel

It’s the unforgettable story of the Bainbridge family, who arrive in Oregon’s Willamette valley in 1843, and their heroic struggle to survive against seemingly insurmountable hardships to make new lives for themselves in a beautiful, but unforgiving new land.

“An excellent picture of Oregon in the early half of the 19th century.” Salt Lake Tribune


“There’s enough Indian lore and natural history thrown in all along the trail to upholster a half a dozen stories, but Hargreaves store of such information appears almost inexhaustabible. A charming tale of love and adventure.” Spokane Chronicle

Jim Faxon, a Bostonian trader and botanist, searches the wild, untamed Oregon frontier for Multnomah, a mysterious “white squaw” rumored to have been taken and raised by an isolated Indian tribe years earlier. It’s a long and rigorous quest, through the secret passage over Neah-Kah-Nie peak, and down the rough Tillamook coast, and eastward again through the mountains to the “lake in the crater,” filled with danger, hardship and violence, that leads to a shocking discovery.


Heroine of the Prairies ranks with such masterpieces of the past as The Last of the Mohicans and The Luck of Roaring Camp.” Lexington Herald-Leader

Salita Prentiss, a teenager orphaned in an Indian massacre, makes her way with a pregnant widow and her children across the plains to Oregon. She’s forced to take charge when the widow loses her mind, and her memory, during a difficult, horrific childbirth. Together these courageous survivors journey through the harsh wilderness, enduring extreme hardship and calamity, but determined to achieve their dream of a new life in the Pacific northwest.

“Chock full of the adventures and hardships of that long, toilsome journey across the prairies and mountains into the golden west.” Raleigh News and Observer

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