A searing novel of erotic obsession that was a scandalous sensation when it was released in 1956… becoming a rarity that has been desperately pursued by collectors for the last sixty years.

This is the story of five people… of Elizabeth Carnes, driven by a desperate, aching passion to a mysterious lover who is the only one who can give her the physical release her devoted husband can’t provide… of George Carnes, spurned by his wife and forced to seek solace in the womanly warmth of his secretary, the deceptively placid Stella Sander, who hides a voracious sexual appetite…of Jon Steen, the complex, dangerous, bisexual artist who unlocks Elizabeth’s lust… and of Tracy Steen, Jon’s controlling wife, whose neurotic, all-consuming need for love and devotion will lead to a shattering end for them all.

This is the first published book by Carolyn Weston, the author of the crime novels that became the hit TV series THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO.

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