Warped Women By

The tantalizing, provocative cover has been reproduced on coffee mugs, t-shirts, placemats, and scores of other items, but the book it illustrated has been all-but-forgotten. Not any more. Now the lesbian pulp fiction classic is back in print for the first time in over sixty years.

Cynthia Bennett is a nineteen-year-old who flees from her elite, all-female boarding school after being sexually assaulted by a male employee and then later whipped with a riding crop by a jealous, fellow student who was romantically involved with him. Still deeply traumatized by the incident, she moves to New York City, and gets a job at an Upper East Side gym that caters to rich and spoiled women. Her boss Jan takes an interest in her…and soon seduces her into a heated affair. Things get complicated, though, when Cynthia befriends Bill, a photographer, and starts to feel attracted to him despite her revulsion of men after her rape…and finds herself torn, emotionally and sexually, between him and Jan. But that’s only the beginning of her problems. The gym is actually a front for an illegal abortion clinic for upscale women, and the corrupt politician who bankrolls it wants Cynthia, too…

“Despite the title, this is a fairly well written explicit story of the love affair of Miss Jan Carter and young Cynthia Bennett. It has an ending to satisfy censors but nevertheless is well worth reading,” The Ladder

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