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The Dark Mill By /

The Dark Mill Valery Curtis is hired by an old dowager named Carlotta Van Dyne to go to Verdolet, the family estate in Maine, to be a nanny for her grandchild Tansy. But Valery soon discovers, to her horror, that this is no ordinary child...she is death cloaked in beauty, consummate evil wrapped in the gauze of innocence. She's also a killer. And it's Valery who will pay for those crimes... if she isn't killed first.

Circle of Secrets By /

Circle of Secrets Kim Morrison's college friend Mary Ellen calls late one night, begging her to come to Starset, the family mansion on Heron Island, a strange remote place off the Georgia coast. For Kim, it's a summons too desperate to ignore. But from the moment Kim arrives, she's plagued by violence and savage accidents. And most terrifying of all, Mary Ellen isn't there. Because she's been dead and buried for three years. But Kim is certain it was Mary Ellen's voice on the phone. Something horrifying is going on...and if Kim isn't careful, she could be the next one in a grave.

The Haunting of Drumroe By /

The Haunting of Drumroe Eileen Donegan has premonitions of the future...and when they happen, there's always tragedy. And yet, when she receives a cable from her Aunt Agnes inviting her to Drumroe, the ancestral Donegan home, she doesn't feel the slightest twinge of terror. She should. As soon as she arrives, dread and fear sweep over her. Her anxiety deepens when her Aunt disappears. Eileen knows in her soul that her Aunt is dead. And that something evil, a horror from the past, is rising up to strike again. Is the evil in Eileen heself? Is she, as they say in the village, a witch like her great-grandmother? Eileen is afraid...but she can't leave yet, not until she finds out if death is stalking her. Or if she is death herself.

Bloodroots Manor By /

Bloodroots Manor Young interior decorator Nancy Hazleton is still reeling from the shock of her husband's fatal accident when she is hired by the Howells, a mysterious family in Kentucky, to redecorate Bloodroots Manor, their ancestral home. She arrives from New York very late at night, in middle of a brutal storm, and things only get worse from there. She finds herself amidst a strange family inexplicably seething with resentment towards her...including Old Sam, the ruthless power behind everything, and his daughter Jodie, who has a burning look of madness that Nancy knows far too her own reflection. She begins to suspect she was brought here for something more than decorating...and they will let her leave is in a pine box.  

The Mistress of Orion Hall By /

The Mistress of Orion Hall Lisa is living a quiet life in Vermont when she's asked by her Aunt, who lives in England, to help her move to Orion Hall ancient, ocean-front castle in Cyprus that's steeped in legend...and mysterious secrets. There Lisa meets Demetrius, the strong, dark, classically handsome young Greek...and Michael, an uninhibited archaeologist. Both men share with her stories about the haunted castle. At first, Lisa is enchanted and intrigued. But she soon realizes to her horror that someone is trying to destroy her...and that she's being stalked at night by a wailing, shrouded figure who may have risen from the dead.