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Bloodroots Manor By /

Bloodroots Manor Young interior decorator Nancy Hazleton is still reeling from the shock of her husband's fatal accident when she is hired by the Howells, a mysterious family in Kentucky, to redecorate Bloodroots Manor, their ancestral home. She arrives from New York very late at night, in middle of a brutal storm, and things only get worse from there. She finds herself amidst a strange family inexplicably seething with resentment towards her...including Old Sam, the ruthless power behind everything, and his daughter Jodie, who has a burning look of madness that Nancy knows far too her own reflection. She begins to suspect she was brought here for something more than decorating...and they will let her leave is in a pine box.  

The Mistress of Orion Hall By /

The Mistress of Orion Hall Lisa is living a quiet life in Vermont when she's asked by her Aunt, who lives in England, to help her move to Orion Hall ancient, ocean-front castle in Cyprus that's steeped in legend...and mysterious secrets. There Lisa meets Demetrius, the strong, dark, classically handsome young Greek...and Michael, an uninhibited archaeologist. Both men share with her stories about the haunted castle. At first, Lisa is enchanted and intrigued. But she soon realizes to her horror that someone is trying to destroy her...and that she's being stalked at night by a wailing, shrouded figure who may have risen from the dead.

The Last Snow By

The Last Snow The final, western masterpiece by Jon Messmann, aka Jon Sharpe, creator of the legendary Trailsman series of western.

Mountain Man Daniel Culver knew when the storms blew down soon from the North Country, the frontier town of Stoddard would be cut off from the world. He also knew what the Cheyenne war drums meant that he heard echoing in the hills. A massacre was coming unless the townspeople fled...and they had to do it now, because nobody had ever made it alive over Snowshoe Pass once the snows began. But no one would listen to the buckskin-clad loner except one tough, independent woman. Together these two had to make a choice: either stay and face certain death battling the Cheyenne, or attempt to escape into a snowbound wilderness that no man had ever come out of alive.

Logan By

Logan The first of two fast-moving, thrill-packed novels by Jon Messmann, writing as "Alan Joseph," about the man-of-action known simply as Logan, a sea-faring adventurer with a dark, mysterious past...and a hair-trigger temper. He can't be scared. He can't be bought. And he's as turbulent and dangerous as the seven seas.

Killers at Sea By

Killers at Sea The second and final Logan adventure by Jon Messmann, writing as "Alan Joseph." The sea-faring man-of-action finds a corpse on the beach...and is drawn into a hurricane-force storm of danger, diamonds, and death.