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Jane Fury By

Jane Fury A Western Writers of America Spur Award Finalist for Best Western Novel. THE COMANCHE KID rides again in James Robert Daniels’ sprawling, ambitious sequel to his wildly acclaimed and beloved debut, also a Spur Award Finalist for Best Western Novel.

The Comanche Kid By

The Comanche Kid Out of nowhere Comanches attack—and sixteen year-old Jane narrowly survives the slaughter of her family and the kidnapping of her baby sister. Driven by grief and fury, she rides headlong into Indian territory, seeking vengeance. But the odds are stacked against a young girl on the trail, and Jane soon realizes she must disguise herself as a boy to join forces with a tough company of cowhands on a cattle drive to Dodge City. The harrowing trek pits her against tough drovers, raging rivers, ruthless soldiers, and ends in a bloody reckoning that forces Jane to discover her surprising capacity for love, survival—and revenge.