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NUDE IN THE SAND Lecia McCauslan sought a tainted love that brands her an outcast. Although Lecia's husband desires her with ardor, he also lusts for Dora Jones, a wanton swamp girl... while his wife answers the irresistible call of the bayou, where she knows a dark stranger furtively watches her pagan sacrifices to passion...and yearns for her.

Best Pulp Noir Fiction Super Pack: 25 Hardboiled Novels By ///////////

Best Pulp Noir Fiction Super Pack: 25 Hardboiled Novels 25 hard-boiled, pulp noir novels written by 13 masters of the genre, back-in-print for the first time in 60 years, in one thrilling, action-packed collection.

The Violent Ones – Howard Hunt
The Sharp Edge – Richard Himmel
Fare Prey - Laine Fisher
Root of Evil – James Cross
One for the Road - Robert Dietrich
The Captive – Norman Daniels
Self-Made Widow – Philip Race
The Chinese Keyhole – Richard Himmel
The Scarlet Venus – Chalmers Green
I’ll Find You – Richard Himmell
The Lusting Drive – Ovid Demaris
The Judas Hour – Howard Hunt
I Like It Tough – James Howard
Killer Take All – Philip Race
Be My Victim – Robert Dietrich
And Be My Love – Ledru Baker Jr.
The Long Night – Ovid Demaris
The Cheaters – Ledru Baker Jr.
Johnny Come Deadly – Philip Race
Die on Easy Street – James Howard
The Hoods Take Over – Ovid Demaris
Beyond Desire - Richard Himmel
Frisco Flat – Stuart James
Brute Madness – Ledru Baker, Jr.
Kiss or Kill - John Burton Thompson


ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD The erotic classic from the 1950s about a woman torn apart by two searing desires—her lust for sex and her uncontrollable thirst for alcohol—both sparked by a doomed, romantic encounter in her youth that has tormented her for years and is driving her insane.


KISS OR KILL A scandalous, erotic crime classic originally published in 1962.

This is harrowing, seductive, and suspenseful a coming-of-age novel about Jack McKnight, a young man terrorized by his evil mother and beaten by his cruel half-brothers from her previous relationship. His mother and step-brothers are furious that Jack’s late father willed half of his estate to him, his only biological heir. Their bitterness towards Jack becomes so extreme, that he begins to suspect that they are plotting to murder him…


SWAMP NYMPH Deep in the hot swamplands of the South, a desperate man on the run meets a woman of raw, natural beauty whose ravenous sexual desires could lead them both to sweet, ecstatic ruin.


BORN TO BE MADE Before EMMANUELLE, there was the story of Marvelle Martingale… a heart-stoppingly beautiful woman’s awakening of aching desire and her daring journey of carnal discovery as she explores every facet of her scorching sexuality in her quest for shattering, physical bliss and true love.