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Frenzy of Desire By

Frenzy of Desire Laurent is torn by her physical desire for Dan, her friend and doctor, and for Elsie, a woman who offers an exciting, forbidden love that makes her tremble just imaginng it. To make a decision, she must discover what her true nature is...which she can only know by experiencing, and satisfying, both of her lusts in a frenzy of desire. And then she meets Johnny...who changes everything.

Vintage Sleaze #5: 12 Forbidden Novels from the 1950s and 1960s By /////

Vintage Sleaze #5: 12 Forbidden Novels from the 1950s and 1960s Anthology containing:
Chico's Women by March Hastings
A Matter of Adultery by Don Lee
Dangerous Harem by John B. Thompson
A Rage Within by March Hastings
Gambler’s Girl by John Tanner
Honey in Louisiana, Two Novels by John B. Thompson & Jack Woodford
Sweet Cheat by Peter Duncan
Sinful Virgin by John B. Thompson
The Split-Level Game by Louis Lorraine
Sugar Doll by John B. Thompson
The Thrill Club by Edward Gregory Carroll

Dangerous Harem By

Dangerous Harem This novel, originally published in 1952, was substantially rewritten and re-released nine years later under the title TEXAS TRAMP by a different publisher. Both versions are available from Cutting Edge Books.

Ex-G.I. Frank Barden is an unlicensed investigator hired by a millionaire to be his personal, in-house detective, unearthing the secrets of his family and his investors. It's a pursuit that reveals the powerful passions of the woman in the tycoon's life: Little Dene, who has sex, murder and money on her mind...and in that order. Big and beautiful Prett, who can brawl almost as viciously as she can love, and there's Marlo, whose cunning and lust were more than a match for any man.