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From #1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Goldberg comes the second thrilling book in action-packed JURY SERIES, the novels that launched his career in the 1980s.

After a family tragedy, Brett Macklin has sworn to take the law into his own hands and make the guilty pay. This time, Macklin’s target is Wesley Saputo, porn kingpin and murderer, who has slipped through the courts time after time, only to kidnap, rape and kill again…and again. Macklin’s mission: locate and destroy Saputo before he finds another innocent life to destroy.

“Top-shelf 80’s adventure fiction. The Mr. Jury books are probably about the most fun you can have doing so vicarious vigilanting. There’s a reason Goldberg is still a successful author. There’s plenty of smooth and fast action that builds to a nice high-energy “action-movie” finale, colorful characters, some Hollywood in-jokes, different ways to use ice cream and a lot of fun banter.” Bloody Spicy Books Blog 

“Goldberg never gets too graphic in this novel, but the violence never lets up and will delight readers of this genre,Bruce Grossman, Bookgasm

Generous helpings of sex and violent action […] if you’re a fan of Robert B. Parker, Dirty Harry, early Lawrence Block, or the Die Hard movies, you’ll have a very good time,”  —J.A. Konrath, bestselling author of THE LIST and ORIGIN

Lee Goldberg’s The Jury Series serves vengeance hot with loads of action and plenty of suspense to keep you turning the e-pages. Vigilante justice was never so much fun,”  —Joel Goldman, bestselling author of “Motion to Kill”

This gritty, action-packed escapist yarn explodes straight out of the freewheeling 1980’s…sharp writing, wicked wit, wall-to-wall action, and over-the-top sex.”  —Paul Levine, bestselling author of “Soloman & Lord”

“Fast-moving, filled with sex, violence, and snappy patter, these are just the thing for people who like expert storytelling and action-packed escapist novels. Check ’em out,” —Bill Crider, author of “Outrage at Blanco”

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