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Untamed By

Untamed A big, rugged story of Alaska...and of a spectacular woman as wild as the land that bred her.

John Crahan is a trouble-shooting engineer who likes big jobs and passionate women…and the Alaskan deal looks made-to-order. The job is to stake out a road through the virgin wilderness of the Mena Peninsula. And his guide is a woman whose structural magnificence is as challenging as the great mountains that loom on the horizon…and he’s determined to conquer them both. What he doesn't realize is that it may cost him his life.

A big, bold, adventure classic, back in print for the first time in over 60 years.

Lash of Desire By

Lash of Desire Their Love Was as Untamed as the Jungle

Laura Rendell escapes from her broken marriage by joining an expedition deep into the jungles of Brazil, where a powerful, torrential storm forces her to seek shelter and safety with a local ranchero whose passion for her ignites overpowering desires she didn't know she had. But their passion, uninhibited by the bonds of civilization, burns so hot that it sparks raging conflict within his empire that could consume them both.

Apache Wells By

Apache Wells It's 1876. Three brothers head west to California to find their fortune, but end up settling in the Arizona badlands instead. There's courageous Big Saul, as huge and solid as the boulders he used to build his earthen home... there's his middle brother Dave, who is fast with a gun and with women, including Saul's wife Eda, who runs off with him...and there's teenage Joey, perhaps too honest and too innocent for the brutal country he's trying to tame before it beats him down.

"It has excitement and really moves right along." St. Albans Daily Messenger

"Steelman's plotting is superb... a tremendous sense of realism.  Apache Wells is a terrific tale." Paperback Warrior

Bloody Beaches By

Bloody Beaches "Come on you sinners, hell is only half full!"

That was the battle cry of Marine Captain Cal Hobbes as he led his countless, seemingly suicidal charges in World War II. On island after island -- Guam, Okinawa, Tarawa, Iwo Jima -- his platoon always won their battles, no matter what the cost. Because for Hobbes, no sacrifice was too great, as long as someone else made it. 

Jane Fury By

Jane Fury A Western Writers of America Spur Award Finalist for Best Western Novel. THE COMANCHE KID rides again in James Robert Daniels’ sprawling, ambitious sequel to his wildly acclaimed and beloved debut, also a Spur Award Finalist for Best Western Novel.