Baby, Come on Inside By

“Three-fingers of fun if your reading has been of the lemonade variety lately.” Fresno Bee

Popsy Meadows is a Sinatra-esque superstar singer with a massive following who is entering his fifties. His voice is cracking, he’s gaining weight, and he might just be drinking himself into madness. Out of desperation, he goes back to his midwestern home town to try and find himself again…or at least to see where he went wrong. He does it by throwing a massive party that could end up being his wake.

“Wagoner knows almost too much about fractured people and how they delude themselves. He also knows how to show the reader a hell of a good time. – Ed Gorman

“This book has the best waking-up-drunk scene I have ever read.” Roy Blount Jr, New York Times

“Assaults the senses, inflames the nerve ends.” Playboy Magazine

“Outrageous, vulgar, hilarious tragic…I loved it.” Cleveland Plain Dealer 

“Exciting to read because it’s so beautifully done – the perfect combination of writing skill and philosophical insights.” Wichita Eagle

“With his mastery of both dialogue and narration, and his superb grasp of comedy that hinges frequently on tragic, Wagoner has made Popsy a memorable character.” Chicago Daily News


“Wagoner has a fine sense of the absurd, an immaculate sense of coming timing, and, marvel of marvels, something to say.” Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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