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Tracker By

Tracker A rip-roaring, western saga in the grand tradition of Mark Twain and True Grit.

Eli is a harmonica-playing teenager working in a livery stable in Sheepshank, Colorado in 1889 when he witnesses the town’s bank explode in a shower of coins and a gang of robbers make their getaway with $30,000 in gold bullion. He recognizes the desperados...and offers to share their identities with Tracker Byrd if the half-breed Indian expert at reading trails will take him on as his apprentice. Byrd agrees, they join the town’s whiskey-drinking posse, and their wild adventure begins.

Where is my Wandering Boy Tonight? By

Where is my Wandering Boy Tonight? “Mark Twain had a way of describing life that let you taste it and laugh at it simultaneously. It isn’t a gift that shows up very often among writers, but it’s here again in David Wagoner’s tale. He writes with wit and sparkle,” Courier-Post

Seventeen-year-old Andrew Jackson Holcomb suddenly finds himself part owner of a bank and whorehouse in 1890s Wyoming when his father, a crooked judge, skips town to avoid a scandal. But that’s only the beginning his troubles. Soon Andrew and his best friend Fred, the preacher’s son, take a crash course in “cowboying” from colorful cowpoke Greasy Brown and hit the trail for Indian Territory and into a wild, bawdy adventure for the ages.

The Road to Many a Wonder By

The Road to Many a Wonder “One of the wildest, funniest, and most memorable trips ever dreamed up by a novelist. Wagoner is a master story-teller.” Chicago Tribune

It’s 1859, and twenty-year-old Ike Bender, eager to escape the yoke of his brutal father, runs away from his family’s hard-scrabble Nebraska farm with dreams of making his fortune in the gold-rush country around Pike’s Peak, where his older brother Kit has already fled. Ike sets out alone, armed with only his home-made wheelbarrow, a side of bacon, an old pick-ax, a few dollars, and the love of plucky, head-strong teenager Millicent Slaughter to sustain his dangerous, 500-mile journey.