Canadian Westerns: Four Full Novels By //

Four classic, action-packed, adventure-filled, western novels set in Canada.​​​​​​​

Heritage of The River by Muriel Elwood
“One of the most fascinating historical novels written in some time. Heritage of the River combines action, color, atmosphere and characterization in equal proportions. Fascinating reading.” The Gazette (Montreal)

It’s the 1600s in the wildlands of North America…the future Canada. Red-haired, seventeen year-old twin Marguerite and Paul Boissart are raised in a strict family in frontier town but are rebels destined for adventure and heart-break.

Marguerite has an affair with an exiled French dandy. As a result, she’s driven from her home, moving in with her married sister in a lonely outpost deep in the unconquered forest. There she witnesses the horror of an Indian massacre that wipes out the whole village. Young and beautiful, she was captured by the savages and taken to a barbaric Indian village to be tortured…and that’s only the beginning of her saga.

“A harrowing, robust historical novel, the colorful, swift-moving story of Canada in the late 1600s…vividly portraying Quebec and Montreal and the hostile Indian tribes with whom the French waged almost constant war.” Philadelphia Inquirer

The Burntwood Men by Robert McCaig
“A tremendously exciting western. The novel is wild, raw and lusty, a two-fisted slugging adventure.” Boston Herald

Montana Territory, 1880. Land baron Cleland Strike, a man of elemental brutality and flaring temper, is bent on conquest and power. His goal is to carve his own kingdom out of Montana and Canada. He needs more cash than he’s got to do it, so he takes out a big loan from a Philadelphia bank on the pretense of running a cattle ranch. The bank sends out Tam Barrie, a young executive, to keep an eye on their money. Barrie quickly realizes that they’ve been conned, leading to a battle of wills that escalates into a bloody war for the land, their lives, and the future of the west.

The Tall Captains by Bart Spicer
“This painstakingly researched novel of early Canada is one of the best it has been our good fortune to encounter.” The Gazette (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

A sprawling, action-packed epic about the war for Canada… and the legendary men who fought it. It’s 1759. Duncan Crosbie, exiled Scotsman, soldier of France, loves war. He’s driven by his unrelenting determination to defeat the English, who killed his father at the Battle of Culloden. But Crosbie is not getting much of an opportunity to fight anymore. The French king lolls in his palace, under the witchery of Madame de Pompadour, and the army stands idle. So Crosbie sails for the New World, to join the tall captains, fighting the British in the northern wilds of Canada…

Toward the Sunset by Muriel Elwood
“A vivid tale of life lived gloriously in the face of privation and hardship that stirs the imagination.” The Daily Oklahoman

“The most stirring and suspenseful story she has yet written.” Publishers Weekly

“Elwood writes vividly of the pioneer life, of the hostile Indian territory, mixed with love, adventure and history.” Dayton Daily News

It’s the early 1700s. Red-haired twins Elise & Antoine de Brievaux are pioneers struggling to survive in the great north, an unexplored territory seething with danger yet full of opportunity and wonder, on the eve of  a bloody war. An unforgettable, sprawling, historical adventure full of rip-roaring action, shocking violence, exhilarating triumphs and heart-breaking emotion.

BONUS NOVEL:  The Outlaw Breed by William Byron Mowery
“A dramatic story crammed full of hard-hitting action.” The Paducah Sun

It’s 1936. Noel Irving, ex-chief of the Secret Squad of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, witnesses a brutal killing that sends him on an epic, harrowing quest deep into the Canadian wilderness, and to the furthest edges of the continent and humanity, in his relentless pursuit of bloody, final justice.

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