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THE RANGEMASTER The invisibile dictator of the Dakotas fattened his herd on terror…

Til Edmonton knew that the Dakota prairie he saw through his train window was every bit as bleak as his future. His brand was scattered, his wife and child murdered by marauders. And then a trigger-happy hardcase tries to kill Til and a woman traveller he’s befriended. Now Til finds himself pitted in a brutal battle for the land, for justice, and ultimately for vengeance with an adversary known only as The Rangemaster… an enemy who won’t quit until one of them is in the dirt.


DROWNED MAN’S LODE Engineer Mike Kendall is hired by a mining company to tunnel into a mountain in Montana to drain a flooded gold mine. But it’s an extremely risky job, made even more dangerous by powerful individuals who will do anything stop him for their own, sinister reasons.


WILD JUSTICE It’s the scorching summer of 1884. John Starr is the nemesis of outlaws, a one-man judge and jury with gun, driven by fury and an unquenchable need for vengeance. He rides the lawless Montana territory with his nephew Tod, who understands Starr, even if he doesn’t condone his Uncle’s brutal methods and wild justice. Now they’re going up against a vicious gang of horse thieves and protecting a widow rancher who might just thaw Starr’s ice cold heart.


THE BURNTWOOD MEN Montana Territory, 1880. Land baron Cleland Strike, a man of elemental brutality and flaring temper, is bent on conquest and power. His goal is to carve his own kingdom out of Montana and Canada. He needs more cash than he’s got to do it, so he takes out a big loan from a Philadelphia bank on the pretense of running a cattle ranch. The bank sends out Tam Barrie, a young executive, to keep an eye on their money. Barrie quickly realizes that they’ve been conned, leading to a battle of wills that escalates into a bloody war for the land, their lives, and the future of the west.