Lesbian Pulp Fiction #4: Four Lost Classics By //

Four lesbian pulp fiction classics, scandalous and salacious novels in their day, back-in-print for the first time in sixty years!


It’s 1959. Janet and Paula meet as teaching students and decide to move in together when they get jobs at a school in the same small town. Their friendship develops into something deeper and more intimate for them both.. Paula has been romantically involved with women before, but this same-sex attraction is new, exciting and unsettling for Janet. It’s a relationship that leads them both to discoveries and challenges they never expected.

“A deeply personal account of a third grade teacher’s discovery of her ‘third sex’ passion and desire of a ‘twilight woman.’ First Person, Third Sex breaks away from the genre norm of lesbian paperbacks in that it ends on a gay-positive note, rather than having the protagonist meet with tragedy for her sins of the flesh or meet a male she falls head over heels with, marries, and lives forever after in heterosexual marital bliss. ” Those Sexy Vintage Sleaze Books Blog


A pulp noir classic, declared obscene in 1960, now back in print for the first time in decades.

When beautiful abstract artist Nicolette Starmont took rough-and-tumble law student Mel Corbin to her bed as her model and gigolo, he considered himself very lucky. She loved sex, which inspired her art, but it also filled an aching, insatiable hunger for her that no man alone could satisfy. He soon discovered that the hot, carefree eighteen-year-old was already a widow, and that she’d eagerly satisfy her needs with men or women, depending upon who was handly, willing and had the necessary stamina. But as she rises in the art world and he becomes a criminal defense lawyer, their unusual, years-long, purely sexual arrangement takes a horrific turn, shattering their world and forcing Mel into the fight of his life.


Cynthia Bennett is a nineteen year-old who flees from her elite, all-female boarding school after being sexually assaulted by a male employee and then later whipped with a riding crop by a jealous, fellow student who was romantically involved with him. Still deeply traumatized by the incident, she moves to New York City, and gets a job at an Upper East Side gym that caters to rich and spoiled women. Her boss Jan takes an interest in her…and soon seduces her into a heated affair. Things get complicated, though, when Cynthia befriends Bill, a photographer, and starts to feel attracted to him despite her revulsion of men after her rape…and finds herself torn, emotionally and sexually, between him and Jan. But that’s only the beginning of her problems. The gym is actually a front for an illegal abortion clinic for upscale women, and the corrupt politician who bankrolls it wants Cynthia, too…

“Despite the title, this is a fairly well written explicit story of the love affair of Miss Jan Carter and young Cynthia Bennett. It has an ending to satisfy censors but nevertheless is well worth reading,” The Ladder

A RAGE WITHIN – March Hastings

Kitty is happily married to a young, virile man…but she’s never experienced a desire that scorches her from head to toe…or the great, body-shaking climax that other women have…… so she goes looking for it, a personal and physical journey that will change her life.

“Her writing is amazingly good, far too good for ‘sleaze.’ March Hastings ups the ante, and is on par with Joyce Carol Oates’s 1960s work. Her prose is smooth, her dialogue top notch, her charcters and their situations believable, if we want to believe the angsts of the upper crust of society.” Those Sexy Vintage Sleaze Books

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