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At Passion's Tide By /

At Passion’s Tide LADY OF FLAME...
From the wild Cornish coast to Boston's mist-shrouded shores, she was a living legend -- the beautiful Rosaleen Powell, heiress to a shipping empire -- and victim of a cutthroat rival. Frank Shields would stop at nothing to gain control of the shimmering Atlantic corridor. But she never imagined he would strike so close to the heart.

Niles Brewster had made her love again, live again, until she discovered the truth about his connection to Frank Shields. Now she would crush them both, fight them with everything in her power -- beauty, brains, iron will, and wealth that would be hers -- even if she had to marry it. But the final satisfaction would come only when she took the helm herself in the race for the pot of gold on the other side of the ocean. Then, and only then, would she settle a debt that had been scaled in tears -- and blood.

The Dark Mill By /

The Dark Mill Valery Curtis is hired by an old dowager named Carlotta Van Dyne to go to Verdolet, the family estate in Maine, to be a nanny for her grandchild Tansy. But Valery soon discovers, to her horror, that this is no ordinary child...she is death cloaked in beauty, consummate evil wrapped in the gauze of innocence. She's also a killer. And it's Valery who will pay for those crimes... if she isn't killed first.

Circle of Secrets By /

Circle of Secrets Kim Morrison's college friend Mary Ellen calls late one night, begging her to come to Starset, the family mansion on Heron Island, a strange remote place off the Georgia coast. For Kim, it's a summons too desperate to ignore. But from the moment Kim arrives, she's plagued by violence and savage accidents. And most terrifying of all, Mary Ellen isn't there. Because she's been dead and buried for three years. But Kim is certain it was Mary Ellen's voice on the phone. Something horrifying is going on...and if Kim isn't careful, she could be the next one in a grave.

Forsaking All Others By /

Forsaking All Others She Was a Lady By Birth, a Rebel by Choice, a Woman By Instinct..

As the Empire erupts in revolution and Ireland fights for her life, a tempestuous Alison Ashcroft and a headstrong Jeremy Thornton challenge George III and his intrepid Navy for the Irish cause and their own flaming passion. To Alison and Jeremy, there is  no law beyond their own love, no body beyond their own bodies. They court danger on the high seas, risk death in the raw English countryside, and share a passion that surpasses all peril. A surging saga of a man  and a woman who shattered every law but their own.

The Haunting of Drumroe By /

The Haunting of Drumroe Eileen Donegan has premonitions of the future...and when they happen, there's always tragedy. And yet, when she receives a cable from her Aunt Agnes inviting her to Drumroe, the ancestral Donegan home, she doesn't feel the slightest twinge of terror. She should. As soon as she arrives, dread and fear sweep over her. Her anxiety deepens when her Aunt disappears. Eileen knows in her soul that her Aunt is dead. And that something evil, a horror from the past, is rising up to strike again. Is the evil in Eileen heself? Is she, as they say in the village, a witch like her great-grandmother? Eileen is afraid...but she can't leave yet, not until she finds out if death is stalking her. Or if she is death herself.