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Vintage Sleaze 4: 12 Forbidden Novels from the 1950s and 60s By /////

Vintage Sleaze 4: 12 Forbidden Novels from the 1950s and 60s Twelve racy and salacious novels from the 1950s and 60s, collected in one lusty, daring ebook!
Swamp Fire by Don Kingery
Rayne Storm by John B. Thompson
Paula by Don Kingery
Temple of Lust by John Burton Thompson
Forced Gigolos by Roe Richmond
Out of These Flames by John B. Thompson
Cavern of Rage by W. Warner Jackson
Passion in the Pines by John B. Thompson & Jack Woodford
Shame by March Hastings
Male Virgin by John B. Thompso & Jack Woodford
Corrida of Sin by Lyn Warlick
The Serpent Woman by John B. Thompson


FORCED GIGOLOS An ex-soldier’s search for his missing lover leads him to a house where men are forced into the sex trade as gigolos for desperate women, including a Detroit widow with uncontrollable desire, a suburban housewife avenging her faithless husband by acting out her rage in bed, a runaway from a boarding school, an artist who likes to do more than just paint nude men, and a psychologically-unhinged Latina who gets off on violence.


MOJAVE GUNS Hard-hitting, realistic, western action in the scorching hell-lands of Arizona in the 1870s, when violent bloodshed could be punishment, justice or redemption… but was always inevitable.

Former Yankee and Confederate soldiers, still bitter enemies years after the Civil War, must fight together against the rampaging Apache in the unforgiving Arizona Territory… or face certain, brutal death.