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LUST FOR YOUTH A woman competes with her daughter in a tantalizing game of seduction. A sexy, pulp fiction classic, back in print for the first time in over 60 years!

Alice Ingram is a bartender and single mother who can’t seem to tame her sensual emotions, a persistent, burning craze for strong, physical release… without it, she is plagued by persistent headaches, anxiety and loneliness. Lately, she’s found solace and ecstasy in the arms and dusky body of much younger Eddie LaRose, a gambler evading the law. And who, the police warn her, might also be a thief and murderer. She lives with her daughter Freita, a recent Junior College grad and aspiring dancer, who suffers from the same, physical torments as her mother… and doesn’t know if she can wait until marriage to slake her erotic desire. She can’t. And she won’t… and soon she’s pitting herself against her mother for Eddie, who gladly beds both women, unaware that he’s making the riskiest bet of his life.


CAVERN OF RAGE The turbulent flood waters matched their frenzied affair.

Not financial ruin, nor even social ostracism, nor even a raging flood could tear the two of them apart from their forbidden love and it's shattering climax in a cavern of rage.