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GANGSTER JAZZ Greg Meister was a farm boy who went off to war…and when he came back, everything was different. He meets Tandy Crain, a rich girl gone bad, in a Harlem jazz club, and falls in love. Together, they build a family and an empire, their lives dangerously entwined with music, the stock market and a ruthless mobster named Al Capone. It was a love built on dreams in a country built on promise. But when that promise is violently broken, Greg and Tandy must fight for their family’s survival in a brutal new country.

Palm Springs By

Palm Springs Adventurers, dreamers, thieves and kings: sooner or later all of them come to Palm Springs, the most lavish, sensual playground on earth. But for the six strangers who arrive in a limousine from the Beverly Wilshire hotel, it’s many things: an erotic utopia waiting to be physically conquered, a final chance a redemption, a fresh start, and a shot at winning a billion-dollar prize: developing a patch of dry sand into a new, exclusive community for the mega-rich.