Any Man's Playmate By

A pulp noir classic, declared obscene in 1960, now back in print for the first time in decades.

When beautiful abstract artist Nicolette Starmont took rough-and-tumble law student Mel Corbin to her bed as her model and gigolo, he considered himself very lucky. She loved sex, which inspired her art, but it also filled an aching, insatiable hunger for her that no man alone could satisfy. He soon discovered that the hot, carefree eighteen-year-old was already a widow, and that she’d eagerly satisfy her needs with men or women, depending upon who was handly, willing and had the necessary stamina. But as she rises in the art world and he becomes a criminal defense lawyer, their unusual, years-long, purely sexual arrangement takes a horrific turn, shattering their world and forcing Mel into the fight of his life.

Previously published as Any Two Can Play, the book was declared as obscene and unmailable by the U.S. Postal Service in October 1960, along with eighteen other novels, including Demands of the Flesh and Fear of Incest (aka Design for Debauchery) by March Hastings and First Person, Third Sex by Sloane Britain, all republished by Cutting Edge.

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