Suburban Sins: Eight Full Novels By ////

Eight classic novels from the 1950s & 60s depicting the betrayals, passions, crimes and desires of people living the new, and controversial, “suburban lifestyle.”

Station Wagon Wives – JT Pritchard

This is the story of Ruth Gordon, whose reckless lust turns a fashionable country club into a sin resort. She figures if her husband could cheat, then so could she…and a lot better. So in no time, lovely Ruth, already utterly desirable, becomes wholly accessible. Her feckless exploits curl the hair of even the most shock-proof members of the “station wagon wives” set, like Jean, a witch on wheels herself, and the shapely Ethel, the deadly female of the suburban species. But there are certain depths to which even the most sinful suburb can’t plunge…or are there? Ruth is determined to find out.

Judge Not My Sins – Stuart James

The provocative story of a fierce, destructive affair in the suburbs… of a man who longs to love without restraint, to give up his wife and children to plunge himself into a consuming passion that threatens his world… and of a woman who is driven by desire, and tormented by the horrible knowledge that her voracious hungers will destroy the man she loves.

Split-Level Game – Louis Lorraine

A Scorched-Sheets Glimpse of Surburbia in the 1960s. When Lelia was Spence Hawk’s secretary, she went out of her way to satisfy all of his whims and physical desires. But now that they are married, and living in a split-level home in suburbia, she’s concentrating on satisfying her own, seemingly insatiable physical needs in this new, free-wheeling society where all the norms are questioned.

Buck’s County Report – Stuart James

The explosive, bestselling novel that lays bare the erotic frustrations of suburban couples in 1960s America with savage frankness and searing drama. A famous “sexologist” visits the suburbs to interview the idle wives of the rich and famous… sparking passions that have been ignored or suppressed, dramatically changing the lives of the residents.

Commuter Widow – Louis Lorraine

It’s 1961 in Suburbia, U.S.A. New housing tracts, new shopping centers, and a new morality for lonesome, sex-hungry wives stuck at home while their husbands work in the city. Susan is a loyal “commuter wife” and mother who discovers that her husband is cheating on her. So she seduces a teenage boy.. She’s so caught up in her forbidden affair that she’s unaware that her own teen daughter is roaming the manicured, surburban streets, looking for love herself, becoming an easy target for boys who aren’t nearly as clean-cut or innocent as they look.

Man Chase – Joseph L. Chadwick

High-voltage executive Dave Macklin’s alcoholic wife Janet, sweet and seductive, burns with lust that drives her into the arms of other men. But Dave isn’t so virtuous himself, pursued by two women who crave a passion that only he can deliver. But at what cost to them all?

Devil’s Holiday – Fred Malloy

A fast-paced, hard-boiled novel about marriage and infidelity in the early 1950s that exposes, with no-holds-barred, the high-living, wife-swapping, post-war generation whose one aim in life was the pursuit of illicit thrills.

Ken was married less than a year. So what was he doing in a motel with a sexy blond who was not his wife? Connie, his wife, loved him, but she didn’t hesitate one second when Cash Hardin asked her up to his bachelor apartment for much more than a cup of sugar. What her husband didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

Bed of Fear – Doug Dupperrault

It’s the late 1950s. Jane Martin’s skirt-chasing husband cheats on her, but she isn’t exactly faithful herself, feeding her insatiable passions by bedding her lusty boss at the TV station and indulging in forbidden ecstasy with an eager, teenage lover. It’s an unsustainable, high-wire act that will soon send her tumbling to ruin…

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