Best Pulp Noir Fiction Super Pack Volume Two: 25 Hardboiled Novels By ///////////

25 hard-boiled, pulp noir novels written by 15 masters of the genre, back-in-print for the first time in 60 years, in one thrilling, action-packed, 3412 page collection bursting with crime fiction greatness..

The novels are:

The Murder Specialist by Bud Clifton
The Enforcer by Ovid Demaris
I’ll Get You Yet by James Howard
The Bad Girls by Bud Clifton
Carnival Girl by Max Gareth
The Cheat by Robert Dietrich
Cry of the Flesh by Richard Himmel
Blow Out My Torch by James Howard
The Dark of Summer by E.M. Parsons
Deadhead by Charles Marquis Warren
End of a Stripper by Robert Dietrich
The Gold-Plated Sewer by Ovid Demaris
Hot Blood by John Burton Thompson
Judge Not My Sins by Stuart James
Let Him Go Hang by Bud Clifton
Lust for Youth by Warner Jackson
Murder on her Mind by Robert Dietrich
One More for the Road by John Burton Thompson
Outlaw Breed by William Byron Mowery
Ride The Gold Mare by Ovid Demaris
Run For Your Life by Sterling Noel
So Fair, So Evil by Paul Connolly
Swamp Nymph by John Burton Thompson
Two Deaths Must Die by Richard Himmel
Pieces of the Game by Lee Gifford

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