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Best Pulp Noir Fiction Super Pack: 25 Hardboiled Novels By ///////////

Best Pulp Noir Fiction Super Pack: 25 Hardboiled Novels 25 hard-boiled, pulp noir novels written by 13 masters of the genre, back-in-print for the first time in 60 years, in one thrilling, action-packed collection.

The Violent Ones – Howard Hunt
The Sharp Edge – Richard Himmel
Fare Prey - Laine Fisher
Root of Evil – James Cross
One for the Road - Robert Dietrich
The Captive – Norman Daniels
Self-Made Widow – Philip Race
The Chinese Keyhole – Richard Himmel
The Scarlet Venus – Chalmers Green
I’ll Find You – Richard Himmell
The Lusting Drive – Ovid Demaris
The Judas Hour – Howard Hunt
I Like It Tough – James Howard
Killer Take All – Philip Race
Be My Victim – Robert Dietrich
And Be My Love – Ledru Baker Jr.
The Long Night – Ovid Demaris
The Cheaters – Ledru Baker Jr.
Johnny Come Deadly – Philip Race
Die on Easy Street – James Howard
The Hoods Take Over – Ovid Demaris
Beyond Desire - Richard Himmel
Frisco Flat – Stuart James
Brute Madness – Ledru Baker, Jr.
Kiss or Kill - John Burton Thompson


END OF A STRIPPER It’s Washington D.C., 1959. Linda Lee was a stripper… a sultry Venus, cynically exhibiting her body to anyone who could pay the price. But to Steve Bentley, she would always be the honey-skinned child with hair the color of spun taffy, a warm-hearted kid with soft lips and soft body. And now she was dead. Looking down at her on a morgue slab, Steve swore he would find her killer and make him pay.


THE HOUSE ON Q STREET Steve Bentley was a spy during the Korean War and now works as an accountant in Washington D.C. But his conservative job hides a brutal toughness…and a tendancy to get himself in trouble. He agrees to help Francie Ballou, a teenage addict and mother who is ensnared in a murder plot that involves the mob. To get her out of it, Steve may have to do some killing himself…


MURDER ON THE ROCKS Ex-spy Steve Bentley works as a Washington D.C. accountant with a tendency to get into trouble… and this time it comes from two women, Iris Sewell and her sister Sara, daughters of an American diplomat. A 29-carat emerald known as Madagascar Green is missing from their father’s safe… and the search for it soon pits Steve against drug smugglers and killers.


MURDER ON HER MIND “My name is Steve Bentley, and I’d seen Chula Marques on TV before, but seeing Chula perform in person was something entirely different. The TV tube had always shot her from the waist up. Now I knew why.

Her voice was throaty and true, the way Latin voices are supposed to be, but nothing sensational. What made the customers edge forward was what she did with her hips and legs while she was singing. The message was a little too basic for the home audience.

Oh, she was quite a little girl all right, a girl of many faces. Daughter of a penny ante revolutionist, protege of the biggest racketeer since Al Capone, estranged wife of a too-handsome Princetonian type who was drowning his misery the slow painful way.

My client, Chula Marques, singer of songs. My love, carrier of murder…”