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McCaffery By

McCaffery Finally back in print! This ground-breaking, controversial novel, banned in Australia and other countries for it's "homosexual references," was the dream acting/directing project of actor Sal Mineo, who was tragically murdered only hours after learning the movie would finally be made. 

Vincent McCaffery is bright, good-looking, and gifted teenage hustler who seduces both men and women for money. He moves from a NY tenement into a plush Greenwich Village brothel, hoping to make it rich, but he falls in love with a prostitute and then plunges into a world of decadence and violence when an older man becomes obsessed with him.

The Future Mr. Dolan By

The Future Mr. Dolan "Charles Gorham has written a masterpiece. It is a remarkable tour-de-force in character study that will stick in one's mind for a long time. But it is not for the squeamish." Chicago Tribune

Mattie Dolan is a clever and ambitious, 19-year-old sociopath, back from WWII and striving in the backstreets, tenements and dark alleys of New York to rise above the squalor that shaped him... and conquer the city.