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THE CALYPSO CAPER An old Cha-Cha fisherman find the naked body of ex-casino boss Victor Polo floating off the Frenchtown docks and brings his corpse back to town. By noon, a Calypso band had penned a tune for poor Victor… and soon everybody on the island knew the words:

Mistah Victor Polo was a Big Time Man
He gable for money where evah he can
Win lotta money, then lose it, too.
Mistah Victor Polo, he all through…..

But nobody knew why Victor Polo had come back to St. Thomas… or why he had been killed. And not many people cared. Only the Virgin Islands Police. The Murderer. And Polo’s old friend… Steve Bentley.


MISTRESS TO MURDER In life, he’d been every inch The Baron… master of an old Victorian mansion in Georgetown and all he could survey. But now Baron Alejandro Esquivel was just so much fodder for the worms… and it was up to Steve Bentley, ex-spy-turned-CPA, to find out why. Bentley knew Esquivel’s wife Anita very well… and he knew her half-sister just well enough to know that he wanted to know her better.


ANGEL EYES “I’m Bentley, Steve Bentley. You might ask what a C.P.A. is doing assisting the D.C. police… and chasing a murderer and racketeers. Well. it all had to do with the ‘Good Neighbor’ policy. I happened to become involved when my oh-so-friendly neighbor in a black negligee invited me over for a nightcap. Only before I could change into something a little more comfortable, some other Romeo stole the scene — and some incriminating evidence. He left my neighbor with a stocking around her neck…"


BE MY VICTIM Land of the Eternal Sucker. That was Coral City, Slade County, Florida in 1956. By day, the tourist robbery is genteel… practiced by scrubbed and bowing clerks, merchants, and restauranteurs who wait all year to gouge and swindle out-of-town customers. But it’s at night that the real money is made… at tourist cabins, at cockfights, and at plush, private clubs where the only winner is the house and nobody seems to care. Nobody except Pop Seegar, who owns everything that makes money and ruins lives in Slade County.

But now Bruce Kendall, a stubborn, ex-Navy man & local building contractor, is unwilling to play Seegar’s lucrative, rigged game of graft and corruption… and that is unacceptable to the mob boss. When an attempted murder goes explosively wrong, and Kendall goes on a rampage of retribution, Seegar finds a woman to lure Kendall to his doom and restore the natural order of vice and corruption once and for all…


ONE FOR THE ROAD This is life… stripped naked…

It’s 1954. The man’s name is Larry Roberts. His home is the highway, working the rich widow racket from Miami to L.A. Now he gets into bed with a lusty young socialite who is plotting her own deadly twist on double indemnity… and the sucker this time might just be him.