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The Pursuit of Agent M By

The Pursuit of Agent M "From cliff-edge to cliff-edge -- a relentless thriller." Buffalo Evening News

It's 1961, the height of the Cold War. Mark Costain is a deep-cover U.S. intelligence agent working in a Czech aircraft plant when his true identity is exposed. He kills the security chief and escapes, fleeing into the treacherous mountains in a desperate bid to reach the Austrian border, relentlessly pursued by the ruthless Secret Police.

Rayne Storm By

Rayne Storm "A cloak and dagger yarn complete with high adventure and sizzling sex. Don't miss it." Orrie Hitt

It's 1959, and the Cold War is Red Hot. American spy Rayne Cantey is sent on a secret mission to Asia, where he must obtain a smalll, steal box containing a deadly secret that could tip the balance of global power.

Temple of Lust By

Temple of Lust A Federal agent goes to Mexico to foil an espionage plot, but becomes embroiled with a woman and the anceint, pagan rituals of the Mayans. His raging desire could get him killed...and take our country down with him.


RED CURTAIN The long-lost first novel in Secret Mission series of espionage novels by Don Smith featuring international businessman-turned-spy Phil Sherman.

The Dark Road By

The Dark Road American lawyer Harry Benton, who has been working in post-war West Berlin, is recruited by the secret service to retrieve some important, top secret papers from a high-level Russian that were given to a pastor in East Germany for safe-keeping. But all is not what it seems and Benton is soon plunged into a conspiracy involving smuggled diamonds and the formula for a deadly bacterial weapon.