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Death's Lovely Mask By

Death’s Lovely Mask An espionage classic, back in print for the first time in over 60 years.

Hart Muldoon is a freelance spy in post-WW2 Europe, watching with cynical indifference the game of espionage play out in the rubble. He'll work for anybody on the western side of the Iron Curtain. HIs latest mission, this time for the U.S., is to shadow an oil executive and his seductive wife who may be involved in a deadly conspiracy to prevent an Arab prince from marrying an Israeli woman.

The Counterfeit Courier By

The Counterfeit Courier Judson Van Horn is a U.S. spy who is growing weary of the game...and the killing. He is the personification of brute menace, powerful, clever, tough and pitiless. And he knows that his latest mission could force him into betrayal and murder in the name of God and country. But he does it anyway, because that is who is he is....and all he knows.

The Compassionate Tiger By

The Compassionate Tiger Soldier-of-fortune Daniel King, also a former male escort, is hired as a bodguard in the cut-throat world of Vietnam in 1954. To survive, King must outwit Mossard, the rich plantation owner who has hired him... and who constantly plays both sides of every conflict. But so do Mossard's wife Charlotte and his beautiful mistress Thi-Tuyet, who both lure King into their beds. King must walk on the razor's edge of death and betrayal in a world of non-stop greed and sudden violence...or die.

Double Agent By

Double Agent Bill McLean is an unjustly disgraced CIA agent who desperately tries to clear his name by hunting down a rogue Russian spy in London. To pull it off, McLean must navigate a mine field of  foreign agents, betrayals, conspiracies, lies, and murder.

The Pursuit of Agent M By

The Pursuit of Agent M "From cliff-edge to cliff-edge -- a relentless thriller." Buffalo Evening News

It's 1961, the height of the Cold War. Mark Costain is a deep-cover U.S. intelligence agent working in a Czech aircraft plant when his true identity is exposed. He kills the security chief and escapes, fleeing into the treacherous mountains in a desperate bid to reach the Austrian border, relentlessly pursued by the ruthless Secret Police.

Rayne Storm By

Rayne Storm "A cloak and dagger yarn complete with high adventure and sizzling sex. Don't miss it." Orrie Hitt

It's 1959, and the Cold War is Red Hot. American spy Rayne Cantey is sent on a secret mission to Asia, where he must obtain a smalll, steal box containing a deadly secret that could tip the balance of global power.