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Temple of Lust By

Temple of Lust A Federal agent goes to Mexico to foil an espionage plot, but becomes embroiled with a woman and the anceint, pagan rituals of the Mayans. His raging desire could get him killed...and take our country down with him.

Red Curtain By

Red Curtain The long-lost first novel in Secret Mission series of espionage novels by Don Smith featuring international businessman-turned-spy Phil Sherman.

The Dark Road By

The Dark Road American lawyer Harry Benton, who has been working in post-war West Berlin, is recruited by the secret service to retrieve some important, top secret papers from a high-level Russian that were given to a pastor in East Germany for safe-keeping. But all is not what it seems and Benton is soon plunged into a conspiracy involving smuggled diamonds and the formula for a deadly bacterial weapon.

Season of Assassins By

Season of Assassins Only one other man knew the crimes of Philip Stevens… who had shot one of his own soldiers during a raid behind enemy lines in Africa, knowingly sent to other men straight into German fire, and faked his way out of battle into a hospital, where he perverted the tenderness of love-starved nurse to his own, desperate needs. And while Stevens struggles to cover his ugly tracks, the sole witness to his cowardice relentlessly pursues him in a chilling, suspense thriller that leads to a stunning climax.


SPY GAMES 2: FOUR FULL NOVELS Four critically acclaimed novels of international espionage, action and terror...all in one volume.

THE SPY IN A BOX by Ralph Dennis and three thrillers from Richard Himmel: THE CHINESE KEYHOLE, ECHO CHAMBERS, and THE 23RD WEB