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Shame By

Shame Maria is young, pure, and wonderfully pretty, but believes she's destined to follow her mother into the business of selling her body for sex.


NUDE IN THE SAND Lecia McCauslan sought a tainted love that brands her an outcast. Although Lecia's husband desires her with ardor, he also lusts for Dora Jones, a wanton swamp girl... while his wife answers the irresistible call of the bayou, where she knows a dark stranger furtively watches her pagan sacrifices to passion...and yearns for her.


TAKE IT OFF The story of two strippers in the 1950s, one who teased men but loved girls, and the other who tantalized both but couldn’t love any man or woman.

Raven-haired Margot Diego, stripper par excellence, tantalized with statuesque beauty and deliberately wicked flesh. But pretty, little Lula Lang was a different sort; she seemed the very essence of innocence. Tossing off her chaste costume, piece by piece, she became every man’s dream bride—restoring to him the delights of his first wild nights of love. With each performance, the two women tried to outdo each other, battling to tease and please the leering audience. But what was life like for Margot and Lula offstage?


FORCED GIGOLOS An ex-soldier’s search for his missing lover leads him to a house where men are forced into the sex trade as gigolos for desperate women, including a Detroit widow with uncontrollable desire, a suburban housewife avenging her faithless husband by acting out her rage in bed, a runaway from a boarding school, an artist who likes to do more than just paint nude men, and a psychologically-unhinged Latina who gets off on violence.


SEASON FOR SIN It’s the early 1960s. A tormented couple desperate to escape their troubled pasts and to satisfy their carnal desires run off to a secluded, very exclusive, lake-front resort where clothing is optional.. the staff are experts at all the sensual pleasures, and savage lusts are stoked until they are raging infernos that devour reason, torch propriety, and incinerate the boundaries of human ecstasy. And, on top of that, there’s free parking and an all-you-can-eat buffet.