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Sinful Virgin By

Sinful Virgin Born to be Bad. A vivid, hard-boiled, daring story of strange needs and searing love, of a woman too seductive to be safe...even from her own flesh-and-blood.

Corrida of Sin By

Corrida of Sin Guy Moran stands alone in the plaza de toros, the matador they call El Oro, the Golden One, in his flashing cape and wielding his naked sword. His life is a string of close encounters with death and calculated assaults on lust.

The Serpent Woman By

The Serpent Woman Tom's marriage to blue-blooded and frigid Bertha was arranged by his high-society New York family and has been a farce for years. So he begins a hot romance with beautiful Iris. The three of them become helplessly trapped in the web of their seething desires...and there is no escape.

Passion in the Pines By /

Passion in the Pines Evil Ravaged the Back Country... Setting it Ablaze in Flames of Lust.

Ex-GI Colin Campbell travels to Silver River, Mississippi, deep in Southern pine country, to recover to recover a rare object d'art for a wartime buddy ... a shocking photograph portraying unspeakable lusts. But he finds more than the lurid picture, becoming the target of the greedy, corrupt mob who rule the backwoods with terror... and becoming entrapped in an orgy of hate and sweet, sharp ecstasy. 

Male Virgin By /

Male Virgin This was the first novel written by John Burton Thompson (1911-1994), a Louisiana native and World War II veteran who wrote 75 books under his own name and many others under pseudonyms, including Kevin McLeod, Bowie Morton, Gordon Greene, Todd Marshall, and Burton St. John.