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Death Must Wait By

Death Must Wait Jed is a poor trapper living in the Louisiana Bayou and supporting his impoverished parents, his drunk brother, and his prostitute sister. His life takes a dramatic turn when he kills a man in a bar fight and is hunted down by a brutal Sheriff. Now Jed must prove his innocence in the face of rampant corruption...or die trying.

Swamp Noir: Four Full Novels By /

Swamp Noir: Four Full Novels Four vintage, scorching, hard-boiled novels set in the Louisiana Bayou...all in one volume.

SWAMP NYMPH by John B. Thompson * SWAMP FIRE by Don Kingery * NUDE IN THE SAND by John B. Thompson *
HOT BLOOD by John B. Thompson

Swamp Fire By

Swamp Fire A savagely realistic, hard-boiled novel of the South in the tradition of Erskine Caldwell's Tobacco Road and God's Little Acre.

Hank Samson comes home from the WWII to find his half-crazed father terrorizing their Louisiana bayou town...and his brutish brother running amok with lust and violence. But Hank has seen a better way to live and now has to choose beween running away with the girl he loves...or staying and fighting his own family.

Good Time Girl By

Good Time Girl Jack Candless is a drunken, cynical, 32-year-old newspaper reporter who covers a rape case in a small, Louisiana town, hoping the sordid story of a sweet, innocent young woman being brutally violated in a rice field will make national headlines, saving his career and his marriage. Instead, he discovers nothing is what it seems, and that a far more frightening story of raw lust and corruption is buried in the dark, violent heart of the bayou. 

Paula By

Paula A scorching, twist-filled thriller that evokes both James M. Cain's The Postman Always Rings Twive and Erskine Caldwell's Tobacco Road.

Joe Carter works as a rigger for rich Houston oil magnate Sam Forsythe and falls for Paula, his boss' seductive young wife. But she gets pregnant and draws Joe into a murder plot that will either make them both rich... or put him in an early grave with a knife in his back.