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Girl from Town By

Girl from Town Love took Garnie Harper from San Francisco to a farm in Montana...but she couldn't escape who she was.

At night, Garnie Harper cried for San Francisco, for the hot music, the bright lights, the great restaurants, and crowded, energetic streets while Jay, worn from farm work, slept heavily beside her. She knows that she's the object of ridicule, the city girl married to the dirt farmer...and an object of lust for Jay's strapping brother Bo. It's her love of Jay that holds her there, in that Montana back country hell, but her yearning, and Bo's hungry stares, are driving her away. Something has to give...or she has to dramatically change...before it all ends in heartbreak and violence.

To Hell Together By

To Hell Together A noir classic back in print for the first time in over 65 years.

Lee Burke carried the hell of war back to Carmel, California with him...and everyone he touched him felt his torment. Except, perhaps, for Sharon, a wealthy, hard-partying widow, who married him and tried to battle his brutal, insatiable demons with all of her love and money until they became her own, too. Now they're trapped in a passionate struggle that could destroy them both, body and soul.

"Although the story is more thoughtful than the average noir novel, its typically simple prose and fast pace are likely to please fans of the genre." Reading California Fiction

Paradise Motel By

Paradise Motel It's 1953. The dreary smattering of one-room, brick buildings called the Paradise Motel on the outskirts of Tehachapi is a symbol of Teresa "Trace" Conklin's marriage to her drunken husband Walt, who owns the place... and who haunts cheap bars and cheaper women. But then a quiet stranger breezes into their dead-end California town, a man who sees in Trace's thin, tired face her lost beauty, her broken dreams, and maybe even a spark of hope. And then everything changes for them all in an earthquake of emotion, violence, and destruction.

King Cobra By

King Cobra The blistering story of intolerance and hate that is as relevant today as it was when it was first published in 1940...a novel that the Fort Worth Star Telegram called "probably the most shameless and shaming book that has ever been written in America." Now it's finally back in print.

The Springs By

The Springs A magical, heart-warming novel the Hartford Courant calls "a thing of loveliness, fresh, alive, and with a faint glow, The Springs will gladden many a heart," is now finally back in print for the first time in nearly 75 years.

Alice MacGowan is a sheltered young woman coming of age in the early 1900s when a resort hotel opens at the hot springs in her  small Tennessee town. Everything she knows about the outside world comes from books, but now her experiences with the various summer guests, arriving from near and far, have a profound impact on her. Most of all, there's William Mason, who is more than twice her age. He opens her mind to new ideas, even though he knows his love for her can never he guides her instead toward Brian Mason, a young Brit her own age, against a backdrop of scandal, sudden violence, and warm romance.

Reader, I Married Him By

Reader, I Married Him Catherine Douglas is a traditional, American Southerner living with her widowed father and brother in Paris in the 1930s. Her life is complicated by her charming father's affairs, the hopeless literary aspirations of her lovable brother, the intrigues of her Parisian friends, and her family's tumultuous finances.

She's set her sights, and her heart, on Gilbert Hunton, a young, wealthy, American who is looking for a wife in his same league...which she is not. Her family is Hunton proposes to another woman. Desperately in love, Catherine resorts to the potions, visions and general common sense of Madame Nesta, a wise mystic, to give her a magical edge to break the engagement and win her man...with unexpected results.