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Dupree Blues By

Dupree Blues Dupree is a hot trombone player who plays his music from his heart. Then he meets Betty, a singer whose sweet music comes from her aching desire. What she wants is a diamond ring, but if he gets it for her, it will cost him much more than money, plunging him into a whirlpool of sex, betrayal, gambling and murder.  


SPEED DEMON A craze for speed… what will break first, the flesh or the machine? Speed Demon is a super-charged adventure in the high-speed, nerve shattering world of race car drivers… and it’s the story of their women, whose passions are aroused as much by the roaring machines as by the men who drive them.


THE FREEBOOTERS A long-lost, World War II literary classic in the dark, satirical tradition of Catch-22 and M*A*S*H, though it pre-dated those landmark novels by decades. When The Freebooters was released in 1949, it was greeted with widespread acclaim, the San Francisco Chronicle declaring it “the best American war novel to arise so far.” Now it’s finally back in print.


TALES OF A SAD FAT WORDMAN The late Ralph Dennis is beloved among crime fiction writers and readers for his Hardman series of detective novels from the 1970s. But little is known about the man himself. This collection of some of Ralph’s early short stories and poetry, framed with excerpts from articles about him and by essays from authors who knew him well, offers an emotional, poignant and ultimately revealing look at how he saw himself… and how his past profoundly shaped his enduring creative work.


TORMENTED This is the story of five people… of Elizabeth Carnes, driven by a desperate, aching passion to a mysterious lover who is the only one who can give her the physical release her devoted husband can’t provide… of George Carnes, spurned by his wife and forced to seek solace in the womanly warmth of his secretary, the deceptively placid Stella Sander, who hides a voracious sexual appetite…of Jon Steen, the complex, dangerous, bisexual artist who unlocks Elizabeth’s lust… and of Tracy Steen, Jon’s controlling wife, whose neurotic, all-consuming need for love and devotion will lead to a shattering end for them all.