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Station Wagon Wives By

Station Wagon Wives "A real sizzler...don't miss it" Orrie Hitt

A completely frank novel of the gin-and-sin crowd in America's suburbs in 1960 -- where cheating at love has become the fashion, and moral bankruptcy threatens them all.

Jane Fury By

Jane Fury The Comanche Kid rides again in James Robert Daniels’ sprawling, ambitious sequel to his wildly acclaimed and beloved debut, a Western Writers of America Spur Award Finalist for Best Western Novel.

Circle of Secrets By /

Circle of Secrets Kim Morrison's college friend Mary Ellen calls late one night, begging her to come to Starset, the family mansion on Heron Island, a strange remote place off the Georgia coast. For Kim, it's a summons too desperate to ignore. But from the moment Kim arrives, she's plagued by violence and savage accidents. And most terrifying of all, Mary Ellen isn't there. Because she's been dead and buried for three years. But Kim is certain it was Mary Ellen's voice on the phone. Something horrifying is going on...and if Kim isn't careful, she could be the next one in a grave.