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Desire in the Deep South By

Desire in the Deep South Ward Greene's blistering third novel, once again set in his fictional Georgia town of Corinth, follows the booze-soaked loves, tragedies, and betrayals of people caught in the clash between old traditions and the new morality of the Jazz Age. It's a passionate conflict sparked by the return of local girl Eloise King after a decade away in New York...bringing with her the Bohemian ideals of Greenwich Village. The characters include an Italian bootlegger,  a sex-starved librarian, a philandering husband, a conniving actress attracted to married men, and the return of Cora Potts, the colorful heroine of Greene's first book.

Send Me Down By

Send Me Down The ground-breaking, compelling, and vividly realistic saga of two brothers in the world of jazz, from the roaring twenties to the 1940s, back in print for the first time in 80 years.

Dupree Blues By

Dupree Blues Dupree is a hot trombone player who plays his music from his heart. Then he meets Betty, a singer whose sweet music comes from her aching desire. What she wants is a diamond ring, but if he gets it for her, it will cost him much more than money, plunging him into a whirlpool of sex, betrayal, gambling and murder.