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The Haunted Heart By

The Haunted Heart Was She The Victim of a Monstrous Vengeance...or Her Own Crazed Fear?

Even as a child, Cathy Atwood was able to predict death. Time and again, she watched helplessly as foretold tragedy struck, her heart swelling with sorrow and guilt. Some people believed she was cursed...or, worse, was a murderer.

Now it's happening again. Cathy senses her husband Brad's impending death...and shortly after they have a big argument, her vision comes true. His family believes she's responsible and she can't shake the sensation that Brad's ghost has come back to kill her.

She's trapped in a nightmare, unable to escape from a horror she doesn't deserve and that she knows, with terrifying certainty, is coming for her.

Moonwater By

Moonwater Pirie DuChamps fears for her own life, but she can't leave Moonwater, their ancestral home, because of her sister Peely's grave that causes Peely to see horrific, ghostly reflections of herself and terrifying visions of the future. Most disturbing of all, Peely can see Pirie being brutally murdered. Their housekeeper Valonia believes the visions are real, that Peely is seeing her own "astral double," and won't let anyone but an old bayou doctor of folk medicine treat her. But Pirie wants to get her sister to a real doctor....before someone kills them both. 

House at Hawk's End By /

House at Hawk’s End Did she come her of her own free will...or was she compelled by an evil force from the dark past?

Sophisticated, beautiful, impetuous Jean Burroughs flees the chaos of the city to find some peace. So she retreats to the old family place at Hawk's End, high on a lonely tip of the Nova Scotia coast.

But from the moment of her arrival, the townspeople hate her... and pressure her to leave. But Jean is stubborn … and proud...and is soon plunged into a nightmare of shadows and violence. She's terrorized by strange accidents, fiery visions on the sea, and the sound of death padding after her in the night. Something weird and evil has been unleashed....and that it's coming for her.

The Complete Pamela Windsor By

The Complete Pamela Windsor All THREE of Pamela Windsor's unforgettable, epic romances, back in print for the first time in decades...and collected into a single volume for the first time ever.

Sugar Doll By

Sugar Doll A ravished girl. A ravishing woman. Their beauty and burning desires inflamed the Southern town, bringing out the raw passions of every man around them. Some men wanted them. Some men feared them. And some men were their prey....

A long-lost masterpiece of Louisiana noir by John B. Thompson.

At Passion's Tide By /

At Passion’s Tide LADY OF FLAME...
From the wild Cornish coast to Boston's mist-shrouded shores, she was a living legend -- the beautiful Rosaleen Powell, heiress to a shipping empire -- and victim of a cutthroat rival. Frank Shields would stop at nothing to gain control of the shimmering Atlantic corridor. But she never imagined he would strike so close to the heart.

Niles Brewster had made her love again, live again, until she discovered the truth about his connection to Frank Shields. Now she would crush them both, fight them with everything in her power -- beauty, brains, iron will, and wealth that would be hers -- even if she had to marry it. But the final satisfaction would come only when she took the helm herself in the race for the pot of gold on the other side of the ocean. Then, and only then, would she settle a debt that had been scaled in tears -- and blood.