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To Hell Together By

To Hell Together A noir classic back in print for the first time in over 65 years.

Lee Burke carried the hell of war back to Carmel, California with him...and everyone he touched him felt his torment. Except, perhaps, for Sharon, a wealthy, hard-partying widow, who married him and tried to battle his brutal, insatiable demons with all of her love and money until they became her own, too. Now they're trapped in a passionate struggle that could destroy them both, body and soul.

"Although the story is more thoughtful than the average noir novel, its typically simple prose and fast pace are likely to please fans of the genre." Reading California Fiction

Mamie Brandon By

Mamie Brandon Young, sexy, unhappy Mamie works at a diner on a desolate highway outside of Sacramento....where she has a hot, satisfying physical relationship with a rouastabout without any real financial prospects. So when Karl Brandon, a local rancher nearly twice her age, proposes marriage, she accepts, trading money and security over passion and love. But she soon realizes that the comforts of a fine home and the life of a homemaker aren't enough to make her happy...or to satisfy her aching needs, which grow more insistent with each passing day. A chance meeting with a former lover ignites Mamie's desperate hunger, sweeping them both up in a torment of lust and looming tragedy.

The Wanton One By

The Wanton One She Made It Her Business to Get What She Wanted... and She Never Stop Wanting. 

Three gorgeous women pursued Don Kerry, but one of them is using her sensuous wiles against him for much more than satisfying her intense lust.

But which woman is it?

Man Chase By

Man Chase "Every man ever caught, or yet to be caught, in a female tug-of-war will appreciate this lusty, fast-paced, action-packed book." Joel Raleigh, The Lowdown

High-voltage executive Dave Macklin's alcoholic wife Janet, sweet and seductive, burns with lust that drives her into the arms of other men. But Dave isn't so virtuous himself, pursued by two women who crave a passion that only he can  deliver. But at what cost to them all?

Devil's Holiday By

Devil’s Holiday A fast-paced, hard-boiled novel about marriage and infidelity in the early 1950s that exposes, with no-holds-barred, the high-living, wife-swapping, post-war generation whose one aim in life was the pursuit of illicit thrills.

Ken was married less than a year. So what was he doing in a motel with a sexy blond who was not his wife? Connie, his wife, loved him, but she didn't hesitate one second when Cash Hardin asked her up to his bachelor apartment for much more than a cup of sugar. What her husband didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

A pulp paperback classic, back in print for the first time in 70 years.

The Short Night By

The Short Night It's 1957. Lester "Red" Dolsan is a former first baseman, now a talent scout for the Brooklyn Dodgers, who is haunted by the suicide of his alcoholic wife...and the discovery that he may have fathered a child in a one-night stand with a lonely, concentration camp survivor with a fake name. His search for the child, and his former lover, leads him into a nightmare of crime, violence and betrayal, with a fortune hanging in the balance.